Monday, August 13, 2012

Saving the Day

If you were a fly on my wall you might be amazed at the sheer number of super heroes who live in this one average size house.  If jeopardized lives could be salvaged by underpants and crazy hats, there would be a real surplus of dancing and singing in the streets of Asheville.  We often thrust random objects (vacuum cleaner parts, spoons, dollies, remote controls) high in the air and pledge to "save the day!"

So, if I sound heady and idealistic, I come by it honestly.

Do you remember this?

I am getting really excited.  I am getting that tingly feeling in my feelings that tells me that God is moving in the little hidden places.  I keep hearing murmuring about the Kingdom of God.  Questions being asked.  The normal stuff being evaluated (except for those two guys I heard sharing their deepest dreams at church yesterday...which turned out to be something about the  The gospel might just be good news.  News that might set you free to love and serve and hope.  A good news that doesn't fear or judge or separate.  A good news that pulls persons in and makes them people through the love of a real, gentle, loving King.

But I stay at home you say.  But I didn't even see the mail delivery person today you say (is that right?  I know mailman is wrong...).  But I didn't make it out of my sweat pants today you say.  Big deal.  God is asking us to ask.  Just forty days.  Just a few weeks.  I know you have STUFF to do and PEOPLE who NEEEEED you, but let's pinky promise to take ten minutes each day to huddle together.  Maybe God will not give the answer we expect.  Maybe God will ask us to change what we have been holding a little too dear.  Maybe God will give you a vision that only God can fulfill.  Who knows!

So, I will be posting some Bible readings and prayers for each day.  If you miss one...don't catch up, just jump in where we are.  My friend Stacy will be providing some kiddo activities.  Maybe some lovely persons out there would like to write a prayer or two.  I would love to have a few devotions to share...(Luke, Mom, Jenn...anyone!)  I can tell you this, I will be praying that God will lift up those who spend their lives caring for children and draw us together.  

So, let's get those crazy hats and underpants on...

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  1. Oh Annie, this is just want I've been focused on lately! Our sermon this past weekend was "Always Time." I've got to stop getting frustrated when what I think I should be doing isn't getting done & just be on God's time. Superheros in our house are Jedi & Ewoks. :0) Miss you guys!


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