Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Well Played Master Laine

Tonight as we were cleaning up toymageddon for the SECOND day in a row, I was muttering to Laine in a motherly way.  You know, if you can't clean up your toys I will blah blah blah...well, I ending with the motherhood classic, "because I am not your servant."

Laine stopped and smiled down at me (as I was scrabbling around on the floor after 245,741 duplos) and replied, "Mom, we are ALL servants."




  1. Don't you hate raising smart kids?! I told Don we are having highly unmotivated, couch potato children next time. Smart kids take a lot of energy! :-)

    1. Lady, I have no words...Next time I am definitely putting in for calm children who love to put things away!!!


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