Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Yes...but what can I do?

Here is my problem.  It's 8:00 pm.  Only 67% 33% (dang it) of my children are asleep, only 67% of the day's dishes are washed, 100% of the animals are unfed, wash isn't done, there are four unpacked suitcases and three loads of laundry in my bedroom, there is a box in my bathroom that won't let the door open all of the way, there are toys on the floor and we are out of bread.

So, normal day.

But, in the back of my mind, filed behind the basement full of junk (read: actual junk) and the woefully disorganized pantry, is this little thought: why am I here?  Not on earth.  Here.  This city.  I get why God called Luke here, but what about me?  What about stay at homes parents?  What can we do?

I know the hurting and the broken are out there, but when do I have time to find them?  It is enough to stamp "SOMEDAY" on these thoughts and focus on me and mine for now?  How do I balance Mary and Martha.  Jesus might have had a very different take on Martha if he had been two.  Thirty-something Jesus might have valued deep conversation, but two-year-old Jesus wants snack.

Truth is, I have no idea what the answer is.  I am in the habit of jumping in and finding answers when they become little emergencies.  New approach: prayer.

I am declaring a ordinary time Lent.  I am not giving up Diet Coke again because no one wants me to choke someone, but I am going to spend 40 days praying about what people like me can do to serve those around them, and I would love to share this with anyone out there who is asking this question.

So, I am giving myself a few weeks to find my Lent things (journals, devotionals, cross thingy) then we will get to business.  On August 22, I will begin mid-term Lent (the 40 days less Sundays leading up to 6 months after Easter).  I will post prayers and Bible readings for each week and memory verses.  Maybe if I get the materials up early enough someone out there who is creative could think of some kiddo activities.

The reality of young families is that even the most successful churches aren't reaching them or meeting their needs.  Nap time, meal time, bed time and school time keeps families from engaging in traditional church activities.  I believe that God has a plan and purpose for these people.  Surely, it can't hurt to ask...right?

Sometimes life just calls for a nap.  

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  1. Oh-Andrea you speak to my heart. We are 3 years into this city and I still have have those same thoughts... and feelings... and ideas. I would LOVE to join you on your journey to be able to pray not only for my situation but yours and anyone else that is feeling the same way. I may even be able to help you out with the creative ideas for the little ones. Just let me know when you have ideas and I'll see what I can create for the kiddos. THANKS for thinking of them. I know I'm speaking to the choir but the birth - age 3 seem to usually be left in the dust and even the 3-6 year olds can be. Before I write a book I'll get off my soapbox.


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