Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Can we name it?

So there are days when I think longingly about eight uninterrupted hours of...ANYTHING.


But, hey...they are cute interruptions.  Between being up for most of last night, FINALLY, after four weeks of intentions, installing the baby gate, trying to find a solution for the toys, trying to grocery shop WITHOUT a racing car cart (not a good thing folks...I don't care how they used to have to do it...I WANT MY RACING CART...ok...deep breath), and Oliver (my child with five teeth) biting through his tongue, I have been trying to come up with a good name for the mid-year Lent thingy.  Correct me if I am wrong, but things need names, right?!

It certainly makes them more expensive!

train $ Thomas $$
astronaut $ Buzz $$
car $ Lightening McQueen $$

But I digress...

This is what I came up with first: 

What Can I Do: serving the broken hearted when you're overwhelmed.

But then I realized that that is too determinate.  What if God tells me not to do anything?  What if God tells me to do less?  What if God calls me to be served?

So, how about this?


You know, what you need when you start getting the spinny-beach-ball face and your voice gets edgy when someone asks for a napkin and you find yourself taking the long way home so that you can sit in the car for three more minutes.

So, join me, if you want, for forty days of asking, resting and returning.  Because, who knows, we might just find good news worth sharing.

PS  If you are good at figuring out free "printables" and would like to make some for this project...let me know.

PPS  I made a button.  So grab it.  And do with it whatever it is you do with them.

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