Monday, June 11, 2012

Ten Great Excuses

Here are ten great excuses for not being present here:

  1. Laine
  2. Annabel
  3. Oliver
  4. My brother married a wonderful girl who could never possibly deserve him (in as much as I think she has led a good life and in no way deserves that type of retribution...haha...kinda...she can't back out now!)
  5. I was sick
  6. It is gardening season
  7. We are buying a house
  8. We are moving
  9. It is light out until 9:15 so the kids stay up later
  10. I am feeling a definite tug to rethink this space.  I am pretty sure I am figuring out what it is not, and I am searching for the answer to what it is.  I am starting a new journey, and I hope that in just a few weeks we can start talking about it.  I promise to continue to keep posting pictures of my kids for the grandparents (since, let's face it...Hi Mom is pretty much how I should start every post), but I am feeling a definite pressure to open my heart's journey to those of you who stop by here.  Details later, but things are happening in this little head.
PS I didn't get a single picture of their wedding.  Don't even ask.  Not one.  


  1. Love reading all your post, pictures or not...its confirmation that even the preacher wife is not perfect....but is perfect. You are a wonderful mother and friend.

  2. I don't comment as often as I should... definitely miss you when your blog is missing!! Sending prayers & good vibes for the move!!


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