Sunday, June 3, 2012

Whoa, Y'all!

Not going into detail, but last week I was nasty.  I spent my Memorial Day weekend in unholy dedication to my potty.  I kinda felt like being that sick on Pentecost might qualify as blasphemy of the Holy Spirit.  This means I now have a WHOLE pack and play full of folding and a to do that will not get done.


Today is Trinity Sunday and I like to think of today as my annual Sunday School class wherein I tell my eager student that I have no real understanding of the Trinity.

To use Luke's favorite preacher joke: the Trinity: what a mystery.  In the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, Amen.

But today, I had a brain wave.  Not a theological revelation really, just a new way to think about this crazy idea.  First, I must first admit that I have always understood the threeness of God better than the oneness.  Also, I tend to think of God overall as God the Father.  So, clearly I have some conceptual work to do in this area.

Enter, fantasy fiction.  For those of you who do not read fantasy (Mom), one thing you need to understand is that all things have a called name and a true name.  Your true name reveals some fundamental part of yourself and if someone knows your true name they will understand something fundamental about you (this depends on the story).  What seems to be pretty consistent is that one's true name reflects something about one's purpose.  Sometimes characters know their true name, some are looking for it, some do not know it at all, but the name exists beneath the mundane revealing the mysterious.

SO...ready for a major geek-out?!?!  God is the only being who has three true names!  I know!  Each of these names is fully true and fully distinct but yet exist within God.  I wanted to do a happy dance.  Not that this particular revelation will change much about the practicalities of Christian life, but it works for me.  Mystery intact but somehow less abstract.

Now I am going to get a butter beer...

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