Wednesday, June 13, 2012

What can I do?

Here is a question that has been circulating in my mind for the last...oh long time.  What can I do when everywhere I go I bring three energetic, young, mildly-destructive children.  Laine has actually come up with a new verb to describe his most common past-time: destructing.  For instance, "Laine, what cha doing?"  "Just destructing this thing." Oh, really?  What was it?"  "I don't know, but I destructed it."

So between changing bumbums, making simple, non-threatening meals that no one eats, trying to do the laundry (largely unsuccessfully), feeding animals, reading stories, cleaning up destructed things, and enforcing civilization, I wonder what I can do.  Of course I know that my mom is out there saying that I  am doing what I should be right now.  I believe that.  With all of my heart.  Then I see the pain and loneliness around me and I wonder.

There are lots of me's out there.  What can we do?  I don't have hours, I don't have money, I don't really have extra arms, but I know that God can use us.  Right where we are.  Especially if we work together.

So, I will be exploring this question here.  You know my passions: growing food, sharing food, inviting others in and I will be pondering what God's call is for me in those areas.

What can I do?  What can you do?  I refuse to be stuck and I refuse to be silent, but I also know that my arms can only hold a little right now.  I have two mites of energy left to offer, and I struggle to not be embarrassed by that.  My two mites.  God, the great, mysterious, triune, God can take those mites and do the miratastic thing where people get fed and clothed and loved.  BUT...I have to hold out my pitiful, embarrassingly inadequate mites.

Just think, all of us together...that's a lot of mites!

Hmmm...maybe I should come up with a different catch phrase!

Here is a pic of my sweet brother and his new wife!  Aren't they elegant!

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