Sunday, April 22, 2012

Abide in Me

I am getting really tired of John 15.  Go ahead and read it.  I will wait right here.

Ok, see what I mean?  I am tired of this Jesus who freely offers abundant life and growth.  I am tired of this Jesus who requires just one simple thing: to love others with a love that lays down life.  Cripes...that's all huh?  And then Jesus has the boldness to say that he is saying this so that we may have complete joy.  Really?


Cuz, I was kinda thinking that I was wanting Jesus to live in MY life.  You know, come fill up MY life, in MY house, with MY stuff.  Like painting the walls a lovely and calming Jesus-green.

Jesus, come live in my heart, over here...where I am comfortable.

John 15

Go back and read it again...

Did you catch it...Jesus didn't ask to live in our hearts...he asked us to abide in HIM.

He doesn't want to come to me, he wants me to come to him.


And love like he loves.  The lay down your life kind.  The rearrange your budget...ok MAKE a you can responsibly feed the poor kind.

Big girl panties time.

It is pretty paint though.

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  1. If only the world worked the way that you and I wish. It messes me all up, finally seeing what has always been there. I really like that you're right here with me, though. And yes, the green is quite lovely.


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