Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Being Mama

What being Mama means today...

Getting up early to make baked oatmeal with fresh strawberries...then not crying when my little critics say yuck.

Giving them granola for two meals a day.

Wiping lots of noses.

Smiling as a tired and overstimulated toddler melts down at the grocery store.

Making her smiling and laugh.

Napping when the kids nap.

Playing camping under the covers.

Listening to the best audio book ever with one earphone while I drive.

Reading a book on making the most of the toddler years while nursing my infant scooter.

Singing and dancing with a stupid headache.

Scratching backs and singing favorite songs during the thunder.

Not giving up.  Ever.  Even when they fuss.  Because we are doing this well.

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