Monday, November 25, 2013


Have I mentioned the Kingdom of God lately?  I thought not. Here's what I know now: God created us to live in God's community. No matter how broken we are, God's love and mercy are deep and real and often God calls us to sit in the midst of God's community and be still. Sometimes we scream and beat our fists against the wind and sometimes we find our voices choked off and can only manage a groan and always God's Kingdom surrounds us. In touches, in muttered sympathy, in meals, in cards and in love we are lifted on the shoulders of others. We find healing through community when we force our aching knees to buckle in the midst of all the loving arms. Even when all we want to do is hide and protect our pain, God calls us to dwell deeply in community and be beloved. 

I know this to be true. 

Thank you. 


  1. Thank you . Your sharing is a beautiful Thanksgiving gift to your friends. Your love is such a powerful witness.

    1. Thank you. Our friends have become family in the last two months.

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