Tuesday, June 11, 2013

More Than I Can Chew

Here in our home, we specialize in taking on at least as much as we can carry, and soon we will both have both arms full all of the time.  The newest Lingle arrives at the end of October, and we are thrilled to be having another girl.  After three "surprises," we decided to find out who this little one with be just a bit early.  I have never felt more settled or more inadequate as a mother as I do right now.  We wanted four children, but I really didn't think we would ever do it, and I had no idea we would acquire them so quickly.  61 months from oldest to youngest.

But it suits us.  We are all tumbled into our home in a mishmash of giggles and arms and noses.

We are all growing up.  I have learned some real truths about motherhood and marriage this year, and maybe, if I ever get enough sleep or time, I will jot them down here.  Laine learned to ride a two-wheeled bike and do his own laundry this week.  Annabel has given up her plugger (pacifier) by dint of losing it in a river on a short vacation an hour from new pluggers (let's just say no one was sleeping-in on that trip).  Oliver has moved upstairs into his very own bed in the big kid room.  (Currently it is still a crib and this Mama isn't taking that darn rail off until he is six.)  So, here we are, poised on the edge of summer, waiting for new life and new adventures.

Yes, I have bitten off more than I can chew, but it tastes good!

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