Thursday, June 13, 2013

Awake and Dreaming

So, exciting news!  I have a thought on dirt.  Actual dirt.  Please, understand that the following image is actually a result of far too much thinking and cyber surfing to be truly healthy, but I would like to announce that I have...PLANTED ACTUAL SEEDS.  To be fair, we have also planted blueberry plants, apple trees and one rose bush, but they are all far from harvest...years on fact.  So we improvised.

For the last year, my family has been remodeling our basement holiday style.  As in, building a shed over Labor Day, framing in the room over Christmas and painting over Easter.  My dad and husband have done an incredible amount of work, and I have made an incredible amount of plans for others to do.  We have finally stumbled into the unpacking and setting up part and I feel like we are at mile 20 of a marathon.  We are so close, but I am so tired and my under arms are chafed.  That part puzzles me too...

In the great unpacking of the horrible-closet-of-doom, I happened upon about 862 reusable shopping bags.  I may or may not have a thing for bags.  I just can't get rid of a bag.  Even if it is a stupid bag that will never be of great use, I feel as if somewhere, sometime I will regret its loss.  And I hate regretting loss.  So, I pack them away for the day when I will need them.  

Turns out in this particular quarter acre of life giving earth, only about ten square feet get summer time full sun.  This particular spot is right next to our driveway.  Now, I am not a germs girl, but I do hesitate putting food into soil that gets road wash.  Call me crazy, but it seems to lessen the overall healthy effect of gardening to be planting in nasty car-poop dirt.  Probably there is a parable in there...

I came up with a few really bad ideas...burlap bags on my deck (read:dirt party), giant rolling bins (read: plunge of death into a creek) and clear-cutting our lot (read: it takes forever to cut down a tree with a butter knife).  Then a kind of nirvana-upcycling epiphany happened.  Reusable shopping bags are for bringing vegetables home, so...why not grow vegetables in them?!  Right?!

Welcome to Pinwheel NanoFarm where the ragged ends are knit together into one beautiful life.

PS: I am not crazy...the adjacent sunny, flat, perfect field is not ours...or that bad boy would be full of seeds and weeds by now!

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