Tuesday, January 8, 2013

You broke my heart, Mom

Today was brought to you by the art of wailing.  We blasted right through whining and turned the sirens up to full yell.

During the putting the toys away phase, I was accused of breaking my child's heart.  Probably I did it on purpose.  Probably I am a bad guy.  Oh the tears!

So, I took a nap.

But, I checked in here to tell you that Laine started his violin lessons!  Mama is so proud.  He came to his lesson dressed appropriately in a bathing suit, work out shirt, and super hero mask.  Claire didn't bat an eye.  He came bouncing down the stairs and announced he was suuuuuper fassssst then capered around a bit all knees and elbows.  Then he announced that his violin was squeaky.  He is not wrong.

This week we get to practice holding the bow.

I am going to take pictures.

We might have to take several.

Provided we are not all in tears.

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