Monday, January 7, 2013

A bit touched in the head

All these ideas were generated by listening to Rob Blackburn's Christmas Eve Service...

Often I wonder about the blog description for this here web log.

Reflections on my first garden. Joys, frustrations, successes, and failures. A stay at home mom who just wants to grow vegetables.

Uhmmmm...I do not even have a garden plot plot.  And by now I am onto my fourth house since I started writing here, so it really isn't my first garden.  But my plan is to garden...always.  My plan is to homestead and can and spin and have sheep and basically be muddy and homemade all the time.  But life keeps changing and getting in the way.  Sure, I can grow zucchini like a hero.  (I am Zucchini Girl, with the power to invade every meal in the house)  And I still technically own two goats, but alas I am closer to going to medical school than to milking a dairy goat.

So why not change it?

Because it reminds me that life is just quirky.  We love one idea, but find ourselves on new adventures we never even dreamed of.  It reminds me to poke something in the ground every year just for kicks.  I kinda love the irony.  If I am honest, sometimes I would rather be growing vegetables than struggling through ideas of poverty and justice.  Seeds are honest and predictable and sometimes life isn't.  But I don't claim to understand...I am touched in the head a bit.

A couple of thousand years ago, God showed up on earth briefly and we aren't over it yet.  Sure I know God is great and awesome and mighty, but how severely I must underestimate God if one 30ish year encounter with God's incarnate self brings world-wide upheaval.  It has been 2000 years and we still are running around like rock-less ants.  Jesus lived and died and rose from the dead and we are still drunk on it.

So, if I keep getting distracted from the garden...I claim intoxication.

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