Wednesday, November 28, 2012


I just realized that most of you are out there wondering how our homeschooling is going.  I am so sorry!  Well, don't you worry, here is the highly unanticipated, unsolicited update on Laine's first semester of preschool.

For those of you who do not homeschool, have no interest in homeschooling or were dropping by for gardening advice (snort) here is a funny picture.  We call this one, Melting Toddler.

Here are some of my discoveries and observations over the last several months.

First, homeschooling is a slow, organic PROCESS.  I find that over structuring (at this point) is overwhelming and unnecessary.  I am not really an unschooler, but we have embraced the joy of learning and life.

Second and perhaps incongruously, routine and habit are undeniably the cornerstones of our day.  Even if we don't do any discernible work, developing a flow to our day is vital.  I have incorporated some of the Oak Meadow terminology in my day alternating periods of expansion (exploratory learning) with contraction (focused learning) and I rely heavily on Charlotte Mason for most of my theoretical framework.

Third, there is nothing as amazing as watching a child learn.  Nothing.  I think chocolate covered cheddar Goldfish would be close, but those don't exist.

Tools I love:

  • Cuisinaire rods
  • Bob Books
  • Rosetta Stone
  • Anholt Young Artist's series
  • Musikgarten Cycle of Seasons curriculum
OK. OK.  I didn't link.  Google it.  

Lastly, I am so excited about this idea I just had to share.  Luke gets a bit glazed when I say the word Pinterest, but it is cool!  Really!  And, no DIY!  

Here's my 4 am inspiration (did I think about writing Pinspiration...yes...but I am sophisticated):

I set up a Pinterest account for our school, Fetter Lane Academy (Jennifer, stop!) Follow Me on Pinterest .  I have boards set up for each century and one for maps.  When we read a book, listen to a composition, or study artwork, we "Pin it" to the appropriate board.  Then we can see that Sergei Prokofiev and Robert Frost were contemporaries.  We can also keep track of places we have talked about.  I am not really sure that Laine cares, but I am totally geeking out!  

Also, Laine is reading!  Not fluently, but somehow, some way my little guy is growing up!

So, there you have it...homeschool shop talk.  Just wait until they ACTUALLY start school!

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