Monday, July 23, 2012


I went for a jog this morning and was piecing together a rather fussy and serious rant about the shallowness of what Americans value and how segregated we are.  I had the first few line all mapped out.  There was hash and vigor.  But then our day started and the routine clicked and the babes pranced and the fuss just leaked right out of me.

We "broke ground" on Laine new garden.  He wants to grow tomatoes, green beans, carrots and lettuce.  I am beyond thrilled and a little intimidated.  We talked about what a garden needs, set our celebrity goats to clearing weeds (more on that later), and dug a little.

Then it rained.  Hard.

So, we did this.  By we I mean they.  And fun was had by all.

And Ollie has taken to doing a bit of preaching.  And Luke blames me!  *snicker* look at that finger!

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