Saturday, July 28, 2012

Called to lose

Jesus wept.  Moses struck the rock.  Jesus sweated blood.  Peter denied Jesus.  Thomas doubted.  

Sometimes we lose.  Sometimes we might even be called to be losers.  Jesus didn't measure success by accomplishment or organization.  Accomplishment and organization are the means by which we can be Mary sitting at Jesus's feet.

Sometimes a wild animal eats your chickens.  Sometimes your cute little homesteading effort falls flat on its face and you are left wondering, why am I even doing this?  Sometimes you realize that the blessings that are "pressed down and overflowing" are in a basket of perspective.

Sometimes the morning after being up all night with marauding, pillaging, murdering bob cats you hear your son and his sweet friend discussing the death and resurrection of Christ and sing Jesus Loves Me together in their little, tuneless, innocent baby-voices.  

Then you know that Jesus, the Christ, the King ate with the losers because he calls us all to be losers.  You know...people who can't.  People who need.  People who understand.  People who love.

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