Thursday, March 22, 2012

Thought you might not want to ponder

Jesus asked God to provide his daily bread and asked us to do the same.  Those of you who attend a church service on a regular basis probably proclaim or mumble these words at least weekly.

Do I really believe God will provide for me?  Then why do I have so much stuff?  Could it be that I don't want to live with JUST what God provides?

What if God provides shoes but they are not cute?

What if God provides yarn but it is not wool?

What if God provides food but it is not sweet?

God gave manna and renewed it each day.  The Israelites were instructed not to look out for themselves, but to only trust in God's continual provision.  God instructs his children not to worry about tomorrow...shoot I could feed my family for a month off of what I have squirreled away.  

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