Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Springy things

Little by little.  Minute by minute.  Day by day.  I am healing...those little red blood cells are powering up and I feel a little more alive.  With each baby-holding rocking chair minute I feel more like a person.  Also, spring helps.  Not that we ever had winter, but those little faces peeping out of the grass thrill me.  Hello violet.  You are why I hate lawns.  You are not a weed...you are a friend.

And, oh, the poetry of these flowering beauties.  I wish for a second that God had gifted me with elegant words. 

PEAS!  We will be crunching away on these so soon!

This fresh face makes me happy.  So happy.  That was my dress when I was little.  Awhhh.

Who votes we change the name of this luscious tree?  Crab apple?  No! Gorgeous-spreading-wonder-with-surprisingly-tart-fruit tree

 Wanna know what is fun?  Drawing with ice on a hot day.  Keeps you cool and no awful chalk feel.

Happy allergy season!

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