Saturday, March 10, 2012

Owly Pants

Today we went on a family hike.  Laine walked the mile and a half including hills and stairs all by himself.  He was very serious.  Well, he is generally serious, but today he was super serious.  AND he wore his owly pants.  Mama-made! I am actually unreasonably proud of these pants.  They are made from this Oliver + S pattern with ten inches added to make them pants.  The best part? No buttons or snaps so he can dress himself (one down...).

Seriously, this kid is SO serious!  And baby Wayfarers?  Coolness squared.

Owls and orange top-stitching.  Makes Mama happy.  Harvested the fabric from thrifted pants.  Aren't I clever cheap?

This baby is growing up...makes me sad and proud all mixed together.

Dang that is a lot of stairs.  My legs still kinda hurt.

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