Monday, March 12, 2012


So, I failed Lent.  Well, not entirely, just the getting up early part.  When I started this Lenten discipline I had really good intentions.  The time I wasn't sleeping I would be getting everything in order so that I could have a serious and productive quiet time.  It was a great idea.  And I was only getting up at 7:00 am.  Not exactly heroism.  BUT, then I managed to couple that with a relatively new exercise regimen habit occasional undertaking and an attempt to restrict my calories.  Enter anemia and extreme exhaustion.

So, fortunately, discipleship is a process needfully laced with grace and humor.  Here I am, a few weeks out and recovering from self-induced exhaustion, and chuckling because it is so like me.  I had so many plans to write Lenten devotionals that would flow from my early morning study and possibly some amazing clarity about various stressors in my life and, oh, the beautiful pictures of sunrises.

Instead, I have me...funny, earnest, happy me.

So, I quit.  I quit getting up before my kids because it was becoming about me and not about becoming like Christ.  So, I quit, I lost, I failed.  But you know?  It gave grace a means of entering into my life and made me aware of the richness of God's love.  Mission accomplished.

I am still not drinking Diet Coke.  Even those letters look delicious.  What do they put in that stuff?

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