Thursday, March 1, 2012


God blesses us each and every day with newness and joy.  Each and every day there are struggles and pain.  I am not feeling fully restored, but because of a very dear friend and the love of my husband and much needed rest, I woke up this morning without the gravelly voice of gloom in my ear.

My dear friend held my hand (ok, via text, but I WAS holding my phone) while I cried yesterday.  She was brave enough to tell me some tears are ok, but there is no shame in reaching out for help.  I agree!  So we made a list (of course) and I promised if I addressed those things and didn't feel better I would call my midwife for help.  I hope you have a friend like she.  If you get to the bottom of your list and still wake up sad, please reach out for help.  Turns out I was in need of forgiveness.  Because this isn't a confessional, I am not going to spill my guts.  It is enough to say that I asked my husband to forgive me of a (perceived) hurtful action.  Turns out he didn't even remember what I was talking about.  Lesson prompt with apologies and the full joy of forgiveness will follow.

This is a picture of Lent.  Forgiveness.  We must face ourselves during this season.  Our fasts from chocolate or caffeine or whatever make us remember the fast that Jesus undertook while he was preparing for his ministry.  Lent is not just about preparing for Easter, although it is! it is also about preparing for our ministry.  As we journey toward Jerusalem with Jesus we see our need for forgiveness.  Without grace, we are left sad and dejected.  As Easter dawns upon the Church once more, we are lifted through grace into forgiveness and move out into service.  Or that is how I hope it will happen each and every year.

Probably I'll just eat 247 pastel m&m's and drink a case of Diet Coke.

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