Wednesday, February 29, 2012


I am tired.  So so tired.  I know that not one of you is surprised, but I am.  Everything was going so well!  Preschool, laundry, meals, animals...then I crashed.  It has been coming for a while, but yesterday it hit me, and I let it.  I needed to.  I had reached that state of grouchiness where you can't say ANYTHING (cuz if you can't say something nice...).  Nothing.  I sounded like the mom in a Bill Cosby sketch.

So, I read, slept, sat in the sun, ate really good food, drank water, and fell asleep at 9:15.  I don't feel normal yet, but I am going to keep resting until I do.  Therefore...I might not be raining down the wisdom per usual...but I promise a few awesome links and pictures.

Starting to really like this girl...wish I knew her:

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