Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Waging love

Sometimes it takes love,mean mean love to get through the day.  My children, of whom I am so proud, were awful today.  Yes, awful.  Like biting, hitting, stomping, screaming awful.  It came to me as I was sniffling in the bathroom: this is my life, and I am not going to give up for even one day.  All kinds of things were flying through my head (threats, deportation, running away) but the thing that blossomed in my mind was that God gave me these particular children to raise, but through baptism Luke and I have returned them into God's hands.  That means that I am just a steward and these are God's children (God can deal with them...haha).  God knows me and still wanted me to raise them.  That means that God wants me to raise my kids as me and not as or like anyone else.

So, I threw off the weight that was entangling my day and embraced me.  God wants me; called me; loves me.  I don't have to find a better personality to be a mom, I just have to focus on being God's creation.

Then I sent the kids to bed 52 minutes early.

Been living on this song today.  Enjoy!

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