Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Dust and Ashes

Laine 2009...I swear.

Ash Wednesday is one of those bizarre Christian days.  I saw about five tweets about me being dead, ashes, dust, or dusty.  Wanna join our party?

Probably not.

You know that day right before spring when you feel compelled to rake out from underneath bushes?  Or that day right before spring (or finals) when you tear everything out of your closet and put back just what you want where you want?

This is that day.  Our day to return to our disciplines, to engage in meaningful practice, and to not eat chocolate (not me people...I don't want to become murderous).  People all over the Christian world are remembering that they came from and will return to dust.  Little ashen crosses marking that today we begin our journey toward Jerusalem and Christ's death and resurrection.

The disciples should have been ready.  They were warned.  Jesus told them repeatedly that they would watch him die, but that he would return.  They journeyed next to Christ and were still shocked by the brutality of God's love for us.  We run the risk of not only being unprepared, but of missing it altogether.  If we do not engage, we will miss the resurrection.  Of course, I mean figuratively, but I do not want to miss the poignancy of the journey, the drama of the Passion, and the joy of the resurrection.

This year I am giving up sleeping in and will try to cling to my schedule to carve out a few minutes for personal (haha) meditation (HAHA).  Follow me on Twitter to see how I'm doing.

Also I am giving up Diet Coke.  Might want to stay away until the D(C)T's wear off.

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