Thursday, October 27, 2011

What is that smell?

My dear sweet Annabel had her eighteen month appointment today.  FOUR shots.  She took them like a trooper and played hard all afternoon.  There is no slowing that girl down.  AND I swear, to the ears of a mom, she was singing Happy Birthday all day!

BUT...when I got in the car this morning.  I smelled it.  The smell every parent knows but pretends to not know so that maybe somehow s/he won't have to deal with it.  A sippy cup of MILK gone so sour it leaked.  Therefore, I pulled apart my car finding, six pairs of Laine's socks, a missing favorite t-shirt of Luke's, a Thomas DVD SET (score one for the road trip), an apple, what I assume might have been a peach at one time, five pairs of Annabel's shoes, and a leaking, stinking sippy cup (don't give me a sippy cup, I don't need a sippy cup...anyone?).  Oh my...briefly thought about selling the car, but I mommied up and cleaned the carpet, the car seats (what the heck), and, along with Mrs Barbara, got that Adventure Van looking truly awesome.

Most exciting part?  Three car seats are snugly strapped in my van!  Can you tell I am excited about this baby?  Nine months ago, I was pretty upset to find out my body had been hijacked again, but now I am more peaceful and confident about this little one than I remember being for my older two.  I was so nervous about being a mom and giving birth that Laine came with some real fear.  Annabel was born into the clamor of an impending move that was making momma crazy and nervous.  But this one, this one is my Advent baby.  My little in breaking of the Kingdom of Light.  No planning, no trying--just a gift.  A gift I would dearly love to hold and name!

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