Wednesday, October 26, 2011


You know those moments when you feel like you are all alone.  I am never actually alone or emotionally alone, but you know those moments.  Like when you are 39 weeks pregnant and your three year old decides that he has definite opinions about whether or not you are allowed to have the screen door versus the glass door (he wanted the glass I wanted the screen--I opened a window).

Well, one of the joys of being part of a church family is that even though I am new here, I have a community to support me.  Enter Mrs Barbara.  Our dear friend.  Joy of my children.  She played with my kids all afternoon while I scrubbed my fridge and ran to the grocery store (ALONE).

When I signed the form saying that I would support my husband's itineracy, I had this vague notion that it would mean moving around.  But I didn't understand the temptation to give into feeling dislocated.  There are days that I would love to wallow in my "alone"-ness, but the truth is that I am not alone.  The Kingdom of God is present in our world, and if we allow God to break into our selfish moments, we will see the greater truth: that God is a gracious, good God who longs for his children to embrace God and each other.

Who do you see who needs to have the Kingdom break in on their life?

Nothing so sweet as sheets drying on the line.  Except playing peekaboo in those sheets!

Soaking up the sun.  They were there two seconds before...

There is a reason we call these pillows the "sillies."

Ok...I am nesting...but is was gross.  To be fair, I started labeling the fridge months ago. (The day before I found out I was pregnant...hmmm)

And my fairy godmother bestowed a hidden gift upon me for my trouble.  I found it in the bottom of the would have thought I had found a million dollars.

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