Saturday, October 22, 2011

Fiber and Fleece Heaven

I have never been to a fiber festival.  My husband took me to the Southeast Fiber Festival today.  My camera was left on the mantle where I keep it close at hand, but if you can imagine a basketball arena full of yarn, fleece, roving, spinning wheels, and every manner of fluff.  I literally could have walked around that arena until I went into labor, but the rest of my family was a smidgen underwhelmed.  Annabel would have been thrilled if she had been allowed to play, Laine was excited to pet the sheep (EEP!! So (still) in love with sheep), and Luke was ready to corner someone and talk shop.  Let's just say, I will now pay attention to fiber festivals.

Got a few happy balls of roving for me.  Trying out Romney and Finn (I sound pretty knowledgeable don't I).

And then there is this.  I have been secretly wanting, no longing for a lamb skin for the baby.  (If you are put off by that, I apologize)  Luke found the most beautiful lamb skin in the room.  It is from Rising Meadow Farm in Liberty, NC.  We went to a shearing there in 2009 and I was struck by the sense of community and joy at their farm, so I feel thoroughly happy all around that my new joy will rest on a joyfully, gently raised nest.  

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