Thursday, October 20, 2011


Today is one of those cool, clear days that make fall my favorite time of the year.  I certainly miss the peaches (so good this year), fresh green beans and sitting under the pecan tree feeling lazy (you still can, but your bum bum gets chilly), but somehow the settling in of fall is calming and just--right.   This morning as I, slowly, went about my morning chores, I noticed how thick the crimson clover is getting.  It made me realize that we are really doing it!  Our first real garden was a reality.  It might not have been a perfect success, but it was a garden.  I did manage to feed my family fresh vegetables and we have fresh eggs.  Now the garden is resting preparing for the burden of next year's crop.  As the chickens do their thing in the tractor (amazingly well I might add...loving those ladies) and the clover restores the tired soil, I too am resting.  I am not feeling too smug about this decision because it is a bit forced (how can I be utterly exhausted from writing two bills and filing six pieces of paper?), but I am concentrating on dwelling in my time.  I am so excited about meeting this new face that it would be easy to get distracted by counting minutes, but I need this time.  Just like my little garden needs to be replenished, I must take advantage of this time to be replenished.

Luke has been reading Worship Architect  at night and I get a pretty thorough synopsis of each idea.  I am sure two things just jumped out at you: my husband is a bit of a nerd, my children are doomed to nerdom as well.  Anyway, one of the things that echoed through my foggy, post-day brain, was that worship is God's revelation to us and our reciprocal response.  Now that I can grasp.  

I have always sensed that God reveals God's self through the rhythm of the seasons.  Just as God created each season to serve a purpose and taught God's people to care for the land, God created us to live into the rhythm of creation.  We must embrace our periods of rest as joyfully as those of productivity.  I find this very difficult because I find a great deal of satisfaction from productivity.  In fact, most of the time production overwhelms completion in my life, but let's talk about that later.  But, God has revealed the goodness of rest (Sabbath, Sabbath years, Jesus praying), and my response must be to joyfully rest.  

Now, if I can just keep Annabel off the kitchen table...

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