Sunday, August 28, 2011

Todo vs Lasting moments

So, this weekend we made two unscheduled trips to Greenville, SC. The kids were incredibly patient and such good sports. It makes me proud to have such great kids.

Update on the fall clean out:
  • Kitchen...not quite finished
  • Yard...not quite mowed
  • Chicken Tractor...not quite started
  • Laundry...quite backed up
Update on spending slow days with my favorite kids:
  • Planted broccoli and cabbage for our fall eaten by at bunny...(oh well...we had a great time)
  • Rode bikes
  • Played on the swings
  • Squirted water
  • Pulled out the baby pool
  • Practiced our bible verses
So, from the standpoint of productivity, I failed. From my standpoint...great week. I know that there is a baby on the way and everything needs to be orderly and I wanted to start preschool tomorrow (postponed until next week), but I am absolutely sure that, for once, I let what was important take precedence over my todo list. Might need to do a little laundry soon though...

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