Friday, August 19, 2011

There and Back Again

We have just returned from a full vacation. We hiked, biked, walked, swam and ate more than was reasonable. My baby boy mastered his balance bike. My baby girl got her fingernails painted. And my baby ? grew (lots...mama managed to put on 6 pounds according to the CNM's stupid scale). We went to Sunriver, OR which I would recommend to anyone who likes the outdoors.

After a freakishly long trip home (19 hours) I am facing the end of my summer "vacation." Lord, save me from another summer "break."

Things I really must do:
  • Finish the darn chicken tractor. I will post pictures...
  • Get the stupid baskets emptied. You know the ones that you take out to the car to help you empty it out and end up being full for ages!
  • Wash the window sills. I can't help it...I'm pregnant.
  • Find a workable framework for preschool at home. So far I am liking Charlotte Mason. Please don't point out that preschool is a waste of time and I don't need to worry about starting organized learning until my kids are at least potty trained. Laine needs projects. He asks fifty times a day to do a project. So sue me for getting excited early. Anyway he is super bright (just ask me, I am very objective).
  • Plant the fall crop. I am thinking lots more spinach and broccoli this time. Also, excited about the possibility of a wheat crop. It's Luke's idea. That reminds me...
  • Order wheat seed.
  • Make Laine and Preggie's fall wardrobe. Looking into fair trade material. Getting excited about the options. There are more and more options for the home sewist who wants to support fairly made material AND notions! Near Sea Naturals and have caught my eye so far.
Ok I am tired, I promise I will be back soon. I have so much more to share about this journey. (There is a home grown, home harvested, home processed chicken in my freezer).

You know...I had lots of misgivings and way too much thinking at the beginning of this project...sometimes you just have to put the seeds in the ground and see what happens.

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