Wednesday, January 7, 2015

A very messy life...

My life is pretty messy. I have decided that while my Twitter feed will alert me to all volcanic activity all over the world (thank you @VolcanoAlert) and, helpfully, make sure I never run short of horse eye candy (wink wink @DonastheHorse), I am probably a little too ignorant of the larger news items. Therefore, I have begun seriously looking into the news reading a few headlines. Unfortunately, the news is depressing and boring (the new Congress just isn't interesting, ever), so here are the news updates from our house.

There has been a terrible Lego revolution. It has been very French. So. Many. Beheadings. One
terrifying head is solid black. A featureless, horrifying burn victim. AND...there are several heads with faces on both sides. One scowly face and one fierce face. I am concerned re: Voldemort.

The entire cast of "Planes: Fire and Rescue" has been putting out tiny wildfires all over my house. They routinely swoop into any given room with the following dialogue complete with accents and a three year old lisp:

"Drop the needle!"
"Wode up!"
"I will never understand why you smokejumpers want to jump out of a perfectly good airplane."
"We're not! We're jumping outta you!"

As a side note, these same vehicles hurt worse than childbirth when stepped on.

It is Duke basketball season. Laine has now decided to abandon his dream of going to engineering school in favor of becoming a collegiate basketball player. This worries me a bit.

Also, we began first grade in August, moved in October to a larger home outside of Asheville, got the flu over Christmas and will be setting up the nursery soon for a baby girl due in April.

A messy life, but a good one.

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