Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Lay your burdens down

You know what?

I dried a load of clothes in the ELECTRIC dryer today.

It was perfectly sunny and breezy outside where my clothes line is. Perfect line drying weather. Like God woke up this morning and stretched and pronounced that today, blessed would be the line dryers, for they would receive freshness.

Of course I felt guilty.


Why, because life is one big huge competition and if I don't do everything that every other successful,
trendy, popular SAHM (stay at home mom) out there does I am losing! And SOMEONE SOMEWHERE SAID LINE DRYING CLOTHES IS EASY and better for the environment and frugal and makes you thinner and smarter and also your kids will sleep better, so I line dry my clothes, skeemarmit! And if you scan the blogosphere you can find 10 super good reasons you should too.

Because line drying is fun and fun is good.

But I overslept and Luke is out of undershirts and we are back in school and there were three loads of unfolded, electrically dried clothes sitting in baskets waiting to be folded, so I threw those electrically washed clothes in the dryer and shut the door and dried them.

I love line dried clothes, but I couldn't get to it today. So I decided to fail. Because sometimes failing and being gentle with yourself is better than winning. I hope I am gentle with myself tomorrow when I face my tiny crop of half rotten tomatoes that need canning.

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