Monday, May 12, 2014


Mother's Day

The day we celebrate the exact moment that I became insecure, overwhelmed, guilt-ridden and sticky.    The day I am thankful that someone took on this impossible role on my behalf (thanks Mom).  The day I pause to reflect that no matter how much I struggle and try I will fail, but in the failure become part of the great story of motherhood.

Hail Mary, 
Full of Grace

Eve raised a murderer, Rachel raised a cheat, Mary (the virgin) left her child in the largest city in her world.  We are all failures.  But for some reason, we keep trying.

Blessed are thou among women
And blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus.

In the beginning, God created...and God created man and woman in his own image.  We are bearers of God's image.  When we bear life from our life, we are agreeing to embrace the truth of love forever.  We are mothers from the day of conception and we carry those children..."forever and ever and always."  

Holy Mary,
Mother of God.

The Spirit of God hovered over the waters of chaos and was the very breath of life.  A mother hovers over the, admitted, chaos of her family and struggles to fill it with life.  

Pray for us sinners now
And at the hour of death.

So, dear mothers, come, join with the community of failed mothers and failed saints and know that the Gospel feast is for you.  The body and blood of our Lord was poured out by savagery and pointless hate, but the Creator God who's image he carried blossomed in the ashes of a terror stricken day and gave us hope.


To Laine, Annabel, Oliver and Gwyneth

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