Monday, January 20, 2014

Nail polish ideas for a real mom

As I sit in my children's room, holding them hostage until they fall asleep, I do a fair bit of pondering...well, when I am not reading (right now, the Outlander series). 

I keep pondering what it is to be a mom and a woman today and finding that, for the first time, I am learning something from the story of Mary and Martha. I have always resented that story because I feel like Jesus probably enjoyed the fruits of Martha's labor while simultaneously telling her she was focusing on the wrong things. For someone who is head cook and clothes washer and also slightly
distractible, I have always identified more with Martha and felt helpless to increase my Mary-hood in the face of my daily tasks.

But sitting here in my rocking chair I realize that what Jesus was and is doing, is encouraging women to look beyond the competition and begin loving each other. 

We are remembering the hard parts of life today. The parts where we realize we are willing to turn blind eyes on injustice when it keeps us comfortable. Sure, segregation seems outlandish now, but what about the slavery that frosts our candy mountains in chocolate and sugar?  Sure, we believe that women deserve equal wages, but do we also believe that women are more than toned thighs and flawless skin?  

Jesus knows we are prone to belittle each other to stand just a bit higher. He knows our secret longing to be known and yet to be loved. He knows we would do anything to achieve those two things, and he admonishes Martha to allow Mary to live and love the way her God created her to. 

So, mom with chunky thighs and chipped fingernail polish, hear me...I may not have the capacity to cherish you the way you need to be, but God does. God is not waiting for you to get back into that size six or get your routine perfect to call you to love and serve. God loves you foolishly and perfectly, now, and expects you to do no more or less than trust in that love.

So, whether you are sitting and listening or scrubbing toilets, know that I believe that the God who began a good work in me also began a good work in you.

The rest is just superfluity.  

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