Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Just a bit more full than I ever imagined

I can't juggle.

In fact, I can barely catch.

So, balancing this wild crew is a full-brain activity for me.  

Part of me wants to apologize for writing so infrequently, but, the truth is, in my absence from this place I have been present in another.

A few updates:

  1. Plants in bags don't do that well.  Probably fertilizer would have helped.  
  2. Our new little arrival is being impatiently awaited by her brothers and sister (and parents).  Names in the running: Tigger, Squirt and Annabel Laine...
  3. Laine has lost two teeth and learned to ride a two wheeled bike this summer.
I am almost sure this doesn't make me old, but it might.

1 comment:

  1. Annie~ Guess what! You ARE in the thick of things! Treasure these time in your heart. It gets boring when they are gone! Ann Cameron


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