Sunday, March 24, 2013

Did you try that...really?

I love Pinterest.


You know what makes me so happy?  Finding out that I have EVERYTHING I need to build a space shuttle right in my purse.  Thanks, Pinterest!  

I also love seeing brownie-Oreo-chocolate chip cookie bars declared as the best things ever. 

Cuz I could not have gotten there on my own.  Thanks, Pinterest!  

I also love having, at my fingertips, roughly 70,000,000 ways to make my body look like a twenty year old's...thanks, Pinterest?

But, hands down, my favorite things that illuminate my iFace are the kiddo ideas that clearly NO ONE HAS EVER ACTUALLY TRIED.

Example 1

The rub your back with little cars t-shirt.

Source: viaPenny on Pinterest

Ok, looks fine.  Until you realize you just handed a couple of uncultured swine metal objects and turned your back within arms reach.  Those of you with children just said...oh, right!  For the rest of you, let me tell you that that happy dad is just about to be joyfully beaten senseless with a cute little car.

Example 2

Sensory Sink?

Do I even have to say anything?  Let's just say, this person's child had better receive so much enrichment from this particular activity that the scholarships offset the plumbing bills.

Example 3

Hanging beds.

Now, this seems Swiss Family Robinson cool.  I grant you that.  But, seriously, let me introduce you to CHILDREN.  Unless you actually need giant gaping holes in your ceiling, walls, windows etc and some ER bills, just put the beds on the floor.  

Ok, Ok!  All in good fun!  Now off to learn how to create priceless art from toilet paper rolls and make baked alaska in my crockpot.


  1. And I always wondered WHO was going to MAKE UP the top bunk even just on bunk beds! AHHHH! Those were the "good ole days!" No, just different days, all are good! Keep'm coming Annie!

  2. Thanks girl! I can only imagine the Cameron household with Pinterest!


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