Monday, December 3, 2012

An Advent of Service

In typical fashion, I have waited until just after the last minute to get my act together for a project.  This year for Advent we are going to celebrate with daily acts of service and kindness.  If you would like to have the whole list early, please leave me a comment below.

Today the service activity is making cards (to be delivered to a nursing home on Thursday).  We will probably find some idea on Pinterest like hand print trees or something (I will pin whatever we find to the "Advent" board).  Hopefully I will follow up with a picture this afternoon.  That would be fun.  Also unlikely.

In other news, my son has discovered Samson.  He was riveted by the story.  He is now upstairs knocking down towers.

Actual quote:

"Annabel (with thick whine), Samson was going to knock that tower down!"
"Soah--weeeee, Waine!"

My house is not going to survive.

Hope your Advent is starting to twinkle.  I hope you find some way to connect with the coming of Christ's gentle kingdom during Advent.

Tomorrow: Prayer Service

PS Why is my dog licking the couch?
PSS Why do I shelter, protect, feed and cuddle an organism who licks the couch.
PSSS If the dog told my kids about it, they would lick the couch too.

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