Saturday, October 27, 2012

These Stones Will Cry Out

Ready? Steady! Go!!!!!

A friend looked at me this week and asked if I believed in prayer.  

The problem is I do.  I really, firmly, sincerely believe in the power of prayer.  

To change.


I deeply and honestly believe that God is working in our world.  I am convinced that nothing can stop the power of God, but I actually do believe that we can choose whether or not to participate in God's work and Kingdom.  

Prayer is one of the most powerful means of grace (pathways to God's grace) that links us to God's already ongoing work because it can be as continual as each person can stomach.  

I mean stomach, too.  There have been seasons in my life that I have stepped back from prayer; not because I don't believe in its efficacy, but because I do.  God is love but God is wild.  God is not afraid of addiction or homelessness or motherhood or fear or loneliness or stupidity.  God loves and moves and calls.  

God is.

Not was.  

Praying invites this present creator into the confines of our lives.  

And the question is not, do I believe in prayer.  The question is: am I willing to risk it?  Am I ready to begin yet again?  


Dear Politically Angry Persons--

Please stop referring to staying home and raising kids and cooking meals as cruelty to women.  I proudly stay home with my kids, and if you are hungry, come to my house and I will cook you something--barefoot.

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