Thursday, September 13, 2012


So, I have here a brief list of super tools that will allow you to sculpt ice while homeschooling and running your own organic, biologically diverse, 100 member CSA.





But here are a few things that I love that help me finish the dishes and keep the underpants drawers full.

FlyLady (in theory, not practice)
Simply Charlotte Mason
Home Routine (iPhone app)
Plan to Eat
Pintrest (really...I find good stuff...AND how to braid and spray paint--without sanding--my children's old toenails)

New things I just found which have super-power endowing potential.

The Pomodoro Technique
Rosetta Stone (for languages...I hate when the big name seems to be really good...Apple)
And this mishmash

Love and Hugs,

Gotta get to bed so I can probably not get up in the morning.

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