Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Building barns

Isn't it odd that Jesus rips on a guy who just prepares for the future? Don't we all? If your household income is over $50,000, you are grade A wealthy world wide. The problem is not when we can green beans for the winter (I hope), but when we begin to live as if we believe we were created for comfort. God created you out of love to love. God has very little interest in the trappings. It is when we begin to believe that God's abundant life is measured in barns or garages or touch screens. I love my iPhone, but God's love goes deeper: into the marrow of our bones.

John Wesley said to make all that we can so that we can give all that we can.

Let's build barns and fill them with grain for God's children and not just ours.

And hopefully one little barn for two precious little goats...

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