Thursday, August 23, 2012

Stiff Upper Lip

Ruth 1.  Everyone dies then they go home.  Story kinda stinks at this point.  BUT, Ruth is brilliantly played here.  She sneaks in and leaves you breathless.  She sinks her teeth into life and refuses to miss Act 2.  

Some days are just stinkers.  Some days you go to eat with the least of these because you desire to know them and they end up getting in fights and hurling profanity at each other.  Sometimes the sublime meets the real and life is gritty and stupid.  

Sometimes the kids whine and whine and whine!!!

Sometimes you end up sitting on the floor in the back of the church just waiting for everyone to get it together enough to sit in the dang pew.

Sometimes you gamble and lose.  And that is where we meet Ruth.  

And that is why we are opening this time with a prayer for strength.  Because it will take strength to keep going and to try and to lose.  

Luke says I shouldn't go into sales.

Love you all...praying!  

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  1. Dearest Lord, You who knit us together know our coming and going and every hidden hurt in our human hearts. We are in the midst of our own personal chaos trying to minister to those supposedly more broken than we. You are the perfect place for all to come in our frailty and brokeness. You alone can make the rough places smooth. Strengthen us as we continue to minister. Help us to feed your lambs. Calm our swirling hearts and keep us from growing weary. Bless us oh Lord with Your presence and Your grace. It is our sufficiency. Amen


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