Friday, August 31, 2012

No, Actually I Am Superman


Actual quote.

Also, his new favorite phrase is, "[Distracted Parent], I have a question."  "Yes?"  "I do not understand why the [light is red...the floor is takes a long time to be my birthday...]"  Oh, almost four, I giggle at you.

Also, he wants to be big but it is killing him.  He wants the thrill of being able to do new things, but he is terrified of leaving babyhood.  The little guy still uses his plugger at night time (go ahead and judge our parenting...I dare you) and I am pretty sure he is worried that growing up will end that.  BUT, he is begging to read and write.  My plan was to hold him off until he turned five or six to introduce any visuals besides picture books, but we kinda live in a world full of words and he is noticing.  So, Mama's plan is being deferred to honor Laine's natural rhythm.

So, you ask, did you set up the class room?  Is everything ready?  No.  I tried.  The kids were patient.  I am close, but I couldn't finish.

In true homeschooler fashion we will be using the kitchen table.  Isn't that where all the action is anyway?  I am nervous about really saying it out loud, but we are doing this.  Homeschooling.  Please pray for us.

And what about the soul searching?  I am here.  Searching away.  And God is such a gentle God.  My prayer is that God will prepare my heart this week, and each day I feel myself healing from all these incessant moves.  A gentle God.

Except I keep getting glimpses.  Exciting.  Heavy.  Heartbreaking.  Joyful.

And Jesus only expects perfection, so no worries.

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