Thursday, July 12, 2012

A Journey of a Thousand Miles

We took the first step!

Do you know that moment when you are moving when you start to hate every single last thing you own?  I do.  Please don't ask me where to put my orange peeler.  I don't even want it.  It is stupid and superfluous.

I have learned something from this move.  One: I am a crazy person.  Two: I am a box maniac.  I like to pack boxes that make sense.  You know...when you are unpacking.  Like, all the ironing stuff goes in one box.  Everything to make coffee goes in another.  If it doesn't fit, change the box.  And no, that shouldn't go in there just because it fits.  And I know it takes forever.

I. Just. NEED. To. Do. It. MY. Way.

I am nuts.  Pure and simple.

Here I am.  New house.  New church.  New dirt.

Sometimes, the thought of not watching the sunrise over the mountains makes it hard to take a deep breath.   Sometimes, the thought of driving away from my (hand double-dug, organic, ginormous) garden makes me sag with weariness.  Sometimes, not being able to let the kids run out of the house on their own hits me right in the gut.

But, then I remember God called us here to love and serve.  And no sunrise is more important than God's people.

And hey, I hardly ever made it up for a sunrise anyway.

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