Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Tiny Milestone

This is my 200th post!  I would like to take the following people who have made this possible:

  1. Al Gore-for obvious reasons.  Clearly, without his ingenuity, I would not be "blogging."
  2. My husband for going to divinity school and thereby gifting me with "causes."
  3. My children for being funny and silly and "writable."
  4. My mom and Jennifer for "reading." (quotations not really necessary here, but I like symmetry)

On equally serious ground, I would like to share a few sound bites from our week:

  • Laine: Mama, you are the princess, and me and Daddy are the bad men.  We are going to squirt you with hot shooters (squirt guns). Me: Oh dear, I am going to run away!  Laine: We are baaaaad mans, we will find you and squirt you.
  • Annabel: Daddy! Pool! Pants! Off!
  • Me: Oliver, don't chew on that cord.
  • Laine: Mama, it's hard when you are a beauty. 
  • Laine: Mama, can we take my books to the new house?   Me: Yes, honey, we have to take everything.   Laine: can we take my Buzz Lightyear toy?    Me: Yeah.  We can't leave anything.  We aren't allowed.   Laine: Can I take my bed?   Me: Yep.   Laine: Can I take my pillow?   Me: (convulsing on the floor) Yes!  We. Have. To. Pack. Everything.   Laine: How about my flip flops?
  • Annabel: PeePee! PeePee! Me: Do you need to go peepee?  Annabel: Yeah!  Me: Ok, let's go!  Annabel: No! You just go! (pointing me out of the bathroom because my 2 year old, 28 lb child can do this)

Also, I found this beautiful book when I was packing my cookbooks.  I would love to endorse it in some way, but I didn't make many of the recipes because Laine and Oliver went straight to table food, and Annabel wouldn't eat anything but yogurt. So, if you or someone you know could use it, make a comment, and I will randomly select a "winner."  

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