Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Wash day

Ok, so I know I told you all about my laundry system.  And it helps, but eventually I drown.  So, today I declared war on laundry, and right now we are pretty much entrenched.  The clothes thought they had me when I ran out of laundry soap, but I laughed and just made some more from this speedy recipe.

Also, a stray cat has arrived and apparently plans to stay even with the small children.

But, my thoughts are on homes today.  We are looking for a new house you know, and that makes me worry.  I am concerned that my children will lose their center.  Heck, I am a little worried about Luke and me.  A house is not a home you say.  Oh, but it is part of it.  The scribbles on the walls, the dents on the floor, the growing seeds we poke in the dirt all coalesce to create a place for home to be.  I know we will take our family and we will be happy, but I still will miss this happy, crazy, tiny house.

And today when I put my babies to bed (with their drawers bursting with clean laundry), I will thank God earnestly for this house in which we have made a home.

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