Thursday, May 17, 2012


Reflection is good.  Except in mirrors.

I look tired.

But, I have such a fullness in my heart that I can hardly be troubled with my bleary reflection.

Because Annabel is talking!  I have to do a lot of translation and she certainly isn't an orator yet, but she has definitely turned a corner.  She is about 6 months behind, but since she has a 6 month old brother, one has to wonder...

But, she has the sweetest little voice on this green earth.  Joyful and honest.  A thick, happy slice of honesty in that girl's voice.  And her words.

But she says "dan-tou" every time I bring her "wah-wah," and this makes Mama very, very proud.  Because you wouldn't want to smooth off every rough edge...a girl needs her voice to carry.

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