Monday, April 9, 2012

Hanging me out to dry

Do you want to know something truly shocking?  I sometimes use my dryer even when it is nice out.  I know!  I refuse to buy paper tissues or towels, and I waste perfectly good sunshine by drying my clothes in the dryer.  The real kicker is my dryer is so slow it might be faster to hang my clothes on the line.  I am puzzled by this.  I love the smell of sun dried clothes.  I love the way my jeans don't shrink.  I love that my sweaters don't pill.  But I can't seem to coordinate it all.

What to wear...what to wear!

Enter my Easter celebration challenge!

For 50 days I am going to celebrate freeing myself up.  Want to spend the whole day outside?  Sure!  Want to go visit a shut in?  Sure!  I can because my life is organized and tidy.

For me I want to start with clothes.  We just have too many.  Laine has 14 pairs of pants.  14!  Now, I made 5 of them, but still, 14!  Annabel...well Annabel has lots of clothes, but most of them are beautiful hand-me-downs and her foofy dresses are so magical...ok...let's not start with her.  Ollie is fine, he only wears a size for about two minutes, so I just get him dressed in a new size every morning (I am exaggerating a little).

So, me first...and how about you?

Here are the rules:

Keep only what makes you feel good.  Even the sloppy clothes should at least make you smile.
Keep only what fills up 80% of your space.
Give joyfully.

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