Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Good, Better, Fantastical

This week has been nice.  The kids are getting back into our routine.  I have punished the pavement heartily (ok, that's a stretch), and Luke, Laine and I are all out of underpants.  Bummer.

I have made three good decisions this week.

First, was to finish a pair of pants for Laine that I started four months ago.  I will post pictures soon...they are in the washing machine.  I lengthened this pattern into pants.  Harvested some tough fabric from thrifted pants, and used orange top stitching.  (Orange!)  They are elastic waist which is primo if your are trying to get your preschooler to use the potty by himself.  Buttons/snaps spell disaster.  Also, butts, tons, naps, pass, nuts, but(s) I digress.

I also prolonged starting Clockwork Prince until tomorrow night.  I don't know if you ever look at my book choices, but if you do, you will see that I consume fluffy YA (young adult) fiction.  Consume.  Thank goodness for library books.  My mom used to restrict my Nancy Drews to two per week because I wouldn't sleep until I was done.  Still true.  No school night reading for this preschool momma!

Fantastical discovery!

I have a really good friend who is good at laundry.  My mom is good at laundry.  I stink at laundry.  I can't get stains out, I put off ironing, I don't follow through with the folding and the putting away, and I lose socks.  Every morning I struggle royally with finding matching parts for everyone.  Getting all of us dressed was starting to resemble the running of the hyper and naked bulls (and that was just me).

SO...last Saturday, I stacked five outfits for the two older kids on the counter complete with undershirts, leggings, and socks.  After consulting both the calendar and the weather I stacked each of those outfits into a vertical shoe organizer.  This week I have skipped merrily into the kids' closet and pulled a complete, ironed, activity appropriate outfit out in less than ten seconds.  Revolutionary.

Yeah, I ran here...that's how I roll

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