Sunday, February 12, 2012

Digging in

Broke ground for my first garden square.  It's about 3' by 3'.  Don't judge, it's all a mama can double dig with the help of a three year old and a almost 2 year old on a cold day during a 3 month old's nap.  (That's a lot of prepositional phrases...and I don't care)  Therefore, the upper garden will be a series of 3' by 3' squares. Luke will clearly have to dig the big garden.   Laine gleefully fed all the grubs he could find to the chickens while Annabel and Luke burned brush in the fire pit.  We are getting ready around here!

As we raked the aerated, fertilized dirt back into place, Laine announced, "Mom, we found another garden!"  Yep, we did.  Right there in the middle of a weedy, ugly place, we found a beautiful (smallish) garden.  I am so thankful that these gardens seem to be right there under our shovels.  God has blessed us with dirt and seeds and shovels.  Now I am dreaming of feeding my family and several others this summer.

Going to put my vision out there tonight.  One table; lots of fresh, wholesome, slow, hand grown food; loaves of hearty bread to break; creamy milk (from that elusive cow that I just know I can't manage right now but would really nourish some little ones!); bunches of flowers; and people.  My people, your people, hurting people, broken people, sick people, well people, readers, watchers, singers, users, homeless, heartless, alone, happy or maybe just barely making it, all around a glorious table under a spreading crab apple tree.  This dirt I play in and think about and love will feed 5000.  I believe it.

Then it snowed and got Februaryish so we went inside.

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